Kiyomitsu Saito, Foolish Drawing on Paper

“The art world seems increasingly insular – a select number of artists creating work for the moneyed in-crowd – and its concepts increasingly obscure.” -Sarah Nardi

Brooklyn, NY artist Kiyomitsu Saito lives and works in a large metropolitan area, but that doesn’t mean his art is noticed by everyone.  It can be hard for artists in large cities because there is a lot of competition, and the same people continue to be recognized while the majority are given little attention. However, his “Word-Roach” animation was shown in 2004 at the Brooklyn Museum.

View more of Saito’s work here.


Issue One: Cover


“Now that we’ve gotten a better idea of how frenzied and mind-numbing pop-cultural kitsch can be, the formalist advocacy of a place for the exercise of sustained and quiet attention doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.”

–Sarah K. Rich

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